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Family owned and operated since 1975, we pride ourselves on honesty and hard work. With a retail store employing knowledgeable personnel, we are the best place in town to get your water tested (free) and to seek advice (also free). Our service departments are also top notch. Employing two full time repair technicians and four cleaning technicians, we are able to accommodate cleaning and repair requests very quickly. So call anytime to set up a free estimate.

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Basic Pool Care Tips

  • Always maintain a consistent Chlorine level, with Florida’s tropical climate there is no other factor in pool water chemistry that is more important than a proper Chlorine level
  • Proper Filtration, having your system running the correct amount of hours with a normal operating pressure coupled with the suction lines adjusted in the correct position, is the recipe for crystal clear water
  • Remove organic debris as often as you are able:  leaves, grass,  dirt and other contaminants use up sanitizer and can affect the Ph level
  • Shock the pool after any heavy usage or heavy rain-fall, heavy bather load and new water being introduced lowers sanitizer and throws the Ph off. Shocking the water after both will prevent an issue before it begins
  • Don’t neglect your Calcium level, adding Calcium when it’s needed keeps your finish and grout strong, neglecting it will leave a finish susceptible to staining and pop-off and also grout coming out of the grout joints